Monday, April 4, 2011

Scarp'ng 4 Eggs

K, ignore the date stamp on the pic it's off by a few weeks.
2nd, there was suppose to be a follow up pic of quiche that I made using these eggs,
cheese from the great buy out, and home canned Swiss Chard along with other veggies from our garden. Problem was family ate the pie before I had a chance to photograph it.

These lovely eggs were purchased from Harper Hill Farm with money earned from selling our tin cans & scrap metal to a metal salvage yard. After collecting cans & a few metal what nots totaling 4 huge trash bags full this is how the stats played out Gross - 215, Tare - 140, Net - 75, Price - 8, = $6.
Yes, u read right six clams, six marigolds, six greenbacks, one fin & a Washington.
I had expected more. Not a whole lot more but more.
Since we were in the same county as our friend and we needed eggs I decided to blow my whole wad of dough on her wonderful multi-colored eggs.
Well that and I wanted visit with her kids. K, I'm throwing farm terms around. By kids I mean baby goats. Who much like lost puppies will snuggle up against you when you hold them and let out a cry that sounds like a baby. Did I mention that new baby scent that all new babies have even goats.

So the great tin can scraping exercise is wasn't a complete waste but I think that I'll stick with soda & beer bottles. There's a redemption center on almost every block.

~~ pelenaka ~~


  1. I love farm fresh eggs! Tin cans???? Are these like soup and veggie cans?? I am thinking I could easily come up with 4 bags in no time with the 8 of us! $6 is six bucks! We go right by two recycle places anytime we go to the next small town over. We have just been putting them into the recycle bin at the fire department.

  2. Yup on & the same. Your right about $6 being $6. For us the scrap yard is a drive and with the cost of gas even in our little car ...
    I bet though that you will rack up a chunk of change in no time.


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