Saturday, January 22, 2011

Solo Gardening

I was giving some serious thought to not putting in a garden this coming Spring. I felt very over whelmed last gardening season with family commitments and the lack of child labor not to mention our strange & wacky Summer weather. Lack of Sunlight ...
Came up with the idea of solo gardening, having just one very well established plant of each vegetable that I could grow into a mega plant. Concentrate my efforts & resources on just one. Unfortunately the tomato plant featured in this post bit the dust. Of the two pictured above only the pepper plant seems to be thriving. It's about 4' tall and has blooms. Named it Seymour. Both are from last year's garden.
BTW since our house has warmth issues these potted veggies are @ my Mom's apt. were she keeps the heat at a luxurious 68 degrees. Mom moves the pots around her living room so they are always in the Sun.
Thank you Mom for chasing the Sun.

~~ pelenaka ~~

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