Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Solar Martha

Our enclosed porch has a ceiling light with a pull chain dead center, which means the from either the outside door or the original front door you have to take a few steps in. Sometimes taking those steps can be a like a land mine littered with shoes, cleats, softball gear, kindling, and winter gear.  To solve this I had placed a few garden solar lights around on the floor but it was pretty much ineffective when digging through the shoe cubby under the window bench.
Thanks to a tip posted on Homesteadingtoday problem solved. Thanks W.A.

 Solar panel to charge my new & very stylish porch lighting system.

White Christmas lights in an icicle pattern for under $20 from Target. Fall swag from local YWCA tag sale last week for $3. Lace curtain was actually a tablecloth from Aunt Sally's for $2.
I'm really liking how well this repurpose worked out. So much so I think my kitchen needs a bit of solar lighting. Would hate for anyone to trip during a midnight fridge raids.

These are a few of my almost 9 year old garden lights. The one on the right still works despite it being having a more opaque solar panel than the other. Took an old toothbrush to them with a dab of cleanser. Seemed to help light output with the one that originally worked. New batteries installed in both.
All wiring seems to be intact with no rust noted.
Any suggestions ?
I just can't seem to let go especially since these were pretty pricey in the day.

~~ pelenaka ~~


  1. Hello Pelenaka. I wanted to return the blog visit and thank you for taking the time to leave a comment. I had to look up Salad Master food processor, and really like the base on it. The King Kutter has a suction bottom, which I'm not real keen on.

    You've got a really inspirational blog!

  2. I once had an apple peeler that was suction cup instead of a clamp/screw base. Hates it always comming undone.
    Thank you for the comment I feel the same about your blog!


Thanks, good to know there are other's with this interest