Saturday, October 9, 2010

Got Chips ?

Successful score on the Roma tomato hunt to a certain extent. The toms needed a few days in the sun before processing. As you can see the multi operational front porch also does duty as as a great sunny spot to ripen produce. My red headed step son is on guard duty or as my Mom would say he's living the life of Riley.
2/3 of this bushel worked into Zesty Salsa from Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving - 34 pints plus. The plus went to a midnight kitchen raid after someone hit the corner bodega for chips.
Bushel cost $16 worked out to $12 for salsa, + $8 for a peck of green bell peppers, + $1 for 5 jalapenos peppers, $1.89 for onions. Had the remainder of the ingredients and my free canning lids I scored a few weeks back. 34 pints of salsa = 67¢ per pint.
The last 1/3 of the Roma's I ran through the Squeezo then drained the pulp in a cotton pillow case to remove excess water. Gallons worth sitting in the freezer. Waiting to see if I can score more canners before turning it all into sauce. 
I am giving some serious thought to not putting in a garden next year instead stressing bartering,foraging & gleaning efforts.
Only a few cups of diced hot peppers came from the garden. Dried cilantro was grown last Summer.

~~ pelenaka ~~

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