Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Day Tripper

This post really has nuttin really to do with urban homesteading skills unless you put this in the frugal catagory. Enjoying a short day trip on the fly without a ten spot. Total out lay was under $5 for parking & some snacks from Aldis on Lake Ave. Would have been cheaper if I had thought ahead & packed a lunch & treats.
Gas $ was donated by fellow deacon's to cover transportation.
An afternoon of wander lust with my daughter.

Last month DD#3 & I did a road trip into Rochester together to deliver fresh produce from our church garden to Cameron House which is sponsored by St. Andrews. Over 100 ears of sweet corn, the proverbial bushel of zucchini, half a bushel of Summer squash, almost a dozen Turban squash, five or six cukes, a few eggplants, and almost 5 cups of hot peppers to balance out the peck of almost ripe banana peppers. Oh & almost a dozen bell peppers. Not too lame despite our really cool & wet Summer this year.
Afterwards since we had time to spare but no spare cash to speak of so we did a little free sight seeing in the Maplewood section of Rochester, first visiting the Rose Garden on the corner of Driving Park & Lake Ave.

Much to the delight of my daughter who is a moderately skilled gardener in her own right despite the fact that she truly dislikes gardening got her own private tour from Paul, an employeee of the city of Rochester. How awesome would it be to be paid to tend Roses?
Once he understood that her only interest was in Roses that gave a scent they were off strolling from bed to bed pointing out Roses that had a faint spicy fragrance or a sweet Rose scent.
It was extremely nice of him to take time out of his lunch break.

Then we hiked the city maintained path to the middle falls of the Genesee River. Great views of the Middle Falls & the new Driving Park Bridge.

Climbed down off the path to actually put our feet in the water & have a rest on a fallen tree.
Down here in the gorge feeling the mist on your face it is hard to realize that up above your surrounded by a modern city.

~~ pelenaka ~~

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