Tuesday, August 4, 2009

ugly broccoli

I got me some ugly broccoli. Despite my best attempts my Broccoli looks nuttin like the large green globes in mega mart's produce isle. I even fertilized them with a special tonic made from water seeped with eggshells, dehydrated banana skins, & Epsom salts.
It's cool 'cause the broccoli tastes great.
Like broccoli should. Tender.
Was able to gather 23 cups off my plantings when all the blanching was done. It's safely in the freezer vacuum sealed in bags.
Hopefully a second harvest later on as once you cut off the main heads side shoots of Broccoli grow. I write hopefully as here in Western New York it has been a very long Spring. Double the amount of rainfall to the tune of 16". We haven't broke 90 degrees yet.
Retail value is some where in the neighborhood of $20, minus the cost of seed. Not a bad return on my investment.

~~ pelenaka ~~

P.S. Green beans locally grown are selling for $1.49 per pound @ Tops Market this week. So far I gleaned 21 cups = 5 lbs = $7.45 worth of free Green Beans! No idea what the cost of frozen Green Beans will be in Febuary.
This year I want to keep a savings tally calculating the vale of food that I have foraged & gleaned.


  1. My broccoli didn't get anywhere near the size of store bought either but that's ok...its homegrown and not sprayed with pesticides. I finally cut it and got 2 quart bags in the freezer..now I've got cabbage planted in its place..hmmm just thought..they're probably both heavy feeders huh. Oh well..if I get cabbage great..if I don't...oh well. Picked 2 zucchini and fried that up with an onion...oh yum. Oven died Saturday so I'm coming up with innovative ways to cook...toaster oven, big and little electric skillets, rice cooker, microwave....etc. The challenging part is figuring out how to cook anything that has to boil...specifically spaghetti..I'll figure it out I'm sure.

  2. Thanks, misery loves company!But your right our Broccoli isn't full of chemicals.
    Once pulled the plan is to double dig both sides of the garden path & layer with bunny poop, compost, eggshells, & soil. Then cover with all those Autumn leaves.
    Then plant canning toms there next year.
    When we were Navy & use to live out of suitcases for weeks @ a time I always packed a few electric skillets. Small pasta such as elbow can be cooked in those skillets.


Thanks, good to know there are other's with this interest