Friday, June 5, 2009

piece a meal

This is my outdoor coffee table made by my DD#2 using a metal frame bought @ an antique shop in Leroy, New York (Orginal home of Jell-O) for 50¢, some lathe taken off the kitchen ceiling 9 years ago, screws from DH hell box, and black paint.

Viola, who needs a fancy store bought table to be urban chic? Thank you my daughter. Now to recover those cushions bought curb shopping ...

~~ pelenaka ~~

P.S. this patio set has been a few years in the making as the glider was an end of season clearence purchase, the chairs from a tag sale, & as a wrote the cushions bouhgt curb shopping. In the evening when DH comes home we take a few minutes to sit out under the peach trees & reconnect. The table also serves as a place to sort & fold clothes that have just come off the line.


  1. I love that table! Kudos to your daughter for having the creativity to re-purpose old things.

  2. Thank you, I'll pass along your comment to her.
    She is the dauhter that DH refers to as his side kick. For Christmas he gave her one of those shoulder bag tool boxes with an assorment of hand tools. He also put a few extras like a small electic saw.


Thanks, good to know there are other's with this interest