Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Urban Wagon

Every once in a while you get a gift that keeps on giving.
This is one such time.
My soul mate gave me a big 'ss safety yellow garden wagon for Christmas.
While many will equate this gift to receiving a new plow blade there is a method to his madness once you look deep enough. It's a multi layered gift.
On the most obvious level anyone who knows me knows that I am a gardener. Even in a space deprived garden as ours a good garden cart is a must have. Potted Irises can be very heavy.
Not to mention a great cache of wood shavings from a near by freshly ground tree stump courtesy of city works.
Next this urbanbilly cart is a must have for curb shopping & dumpster diving.
Or using the shoe leather express to go to tag sales in our hood.
Neighborhood grocery shopping.
Farmer's market down the avenue.
Then there is this reason which by far is the one that is most near to my heart.
Collecting firewood for our as yet installed wood stove.
Free firewood means that the original outlay of $ for the completed wood stove project is recouped all the more quickly. Quicker return on our investment along with the eventual concept of free heat = cash surplus.
Or to put it simply the very real possibility to become a one income family.
Imagine having time to enjoy my role as a Wife and Mother without being a co-bread winner.
Time to volunteer.
Become a Master Gardener.
Imagine. Just imagine.
We recently had a huge warm up here in Western New York with day time temperatures reaching near 60 in some areas. Along with the warmer day came high winds two days later. Gust of 75 miles was recorded @ the Buffalo International Airport.
100 + year old Maples didn't have a chance.
While DD #2 was more than happy to glean on our city streets DD #3 keep two houses back @ all times so not to be associated with us urbanbillys. She basically was our look out since the contracted tree service feels that city residents who remove fallen trees are thieves. With the rise in demand for firewood cord prices are over $125 in some areas.
Tools consist of a few hand saws & a battery operated sawz all.
Working on conquering my phobia of chain saws.
~~ pelenaka ~~
p.s - Hubby & DD #2 enjoyed a brisk walk on Monday glean another wagon load of wood.
1/6 of a cord collected. Need to set aside a total of 4 cords for next Winter.


  1. I would love that gift!!! It would make my life easier too. Good gift!

  2. I received one of those for a birthday a couple of years ago, only blue. Like yours, mine is used constantly for all sorts of jobs in the yard, and given the times ahead it may be used for many more!

  3. DH is planning on grigging something up to see if I can pull it with my '50's style bike.
    Toying with hitching my oldest daughter's very hyper Black Lab to it.
    Don't ya just love a great gift that works wonders Molly?

  4. I love those wagons and have itched to have one since moving here...(Rocky Mtns of So. CO) These are cheaper/easier to keep than a donkey/burro and are also great for moving rocks!
    Just to let you know how lucky you are, a cord of wood, event the kind no one wants because it leaves a bad residue in your chimney - goes for $175 BEFORE winter/December. After that, prepare to pay up to $300 for the good stuff.
    Good luck in your endeavors, and thanks for sharing your experiences!
    ~Illoura (long-time reader of your blog)

  5. Thank you Illoura, good to know that my trails & tribs come of some help to others.
    Here's to getting your itch scratched !

    That's a mighty nice looking parlor stove you got (background of a pic children playing guitars). What brand is it?


Thanks, good to know there are other's with this interest