Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Crunching the numbers

~ ~ consider that a wave, be it a princess wave or a hailing a cab wave
Life has me running in circles right now. Employment schedule has changed drastically, children are busy running a muck a muck with both church and school activities which means child labor is in short supply, and my country man has started a new job so while he may be willing to be my prep boy he is elsewhere obliged. Pity his apron outfit makes me weak in the knees.
In short I need a good old fashioned hardy homestead wife to fill the void. Dressed a bit on the Amish side with good rubber clogs for gardening, strong hands that can weld a paring knife like a well train surgeon, and a deep desire to kick it. Ability NOT to say, " This is too much work" needed.
Any takers?

Canning season has wound down to a trickle. Jar count is over 200.
Freezer is filled to capacity with broccoli and beef and well items that hurt when they tumble out of the freezer dropping on our feet.
Buttoning down the old family home hasn't really even started despite a few good chilly nights.
Suppose were waiting for another October 13 storm to hit
Putting the garden to bed is taking longer than a first time babysitter with a set of 2 year olds doped up on candy.

So on that pitiful long winded excuse I pledge to have as soon as harvesting season is over October, I will have the final tally of our harvesting efforts from start to finish in dollars & cents.
The Feasibility Factor.

~~ pelenaka ~~


Thanks, good to know there are other's with this interest