Thursday, September 18, 2008

Solar Reuse

A bit here. A piece there. Working our way to be off grid.
Take one 106 year old house with no electrical wiring to the back door.
Add in a need for lighting and a deep desire to be as frugal as possible.
Throw in a few broken solar garden lights.
Top it all off with a Husband who has a MacGyver can do attitude.
Voila - enough light to come & go at night plus a slight deterrent to the criminal element.
There is one solar light hanging from each corner of the door jam along with a few @ ground level.
Parts list - solar garden light (these had broken off the metal pole used to insert them into the ground), one of those key chain circles that you put a key on, length of metal chain, & 3 very small eye bolts. A $ store plant hanger.
Directions - screw the 3 eye bolts equal distances into the top of the solar light but be careful not to Pierce the solar panel. The idea is to form a triangle. Think hanging flower pot.
Next connect the length of chain in 3 equal lengths.
Then add the key chain circle @ the end of the chains.

Bet you thought Solar had to be expensive & complicated, huh?

~~ pelenaka ~~


  1. I love it! We have a few of these for the path from our car to the house, but the dogs keep digging them out. I might have to try something like this instead.

  2. I need to do that. The light at my back door doesn't work, so that would be perfect and free lighting!

  3. that's awesome! Great job to the Hubby! Very inventive!

  4. Great idea. Someone from the area affected by Hurricane Ike recently mentioned another use for these solar lights. Let them charge outside during the day and bring them inside at night to put in the windows. With the power out, these helped discourage looters by showing someone was home.

  5. Thank you everyone, I'll pass on your coments to my #1 engineer & the man who makes my dreams come true ...
    As soon as I put away the canner & label the last jar I'll devote more time to frugal lighting.


Thanks, good to know there are other's with this interest