Monday, August 4, 2008

Press this Baby!

This has nuttin to do with nuttin except well to brag on my Husband's skill & as an incentive for me to cut some cheese. You see I'm pretty much burned out on homesteading.
Well not all homesteading activities just the canning aspect. Actually not the entire canning aspect just the jar washing/sterilizing/water bath canning/wipe down & label/stocking shelves aspect. Followed closely by the renovation of my old house such as stripping of woodwork and installing replacement windows, and repainting the porch. Next up is staining woodwork & doors, painting & reasembling door hardware (100 y.o. screws).
So on what is my first night off after picking up extra shifts due to call offs DH & I are going out to an area outside of Buffalo to a wine tasting/vintage car show/antique event .
So whether or not I come back with an attitude adjustment tomorrow there is Rainbow Chard to preserve, Green beans to can, & if it ever stops raining perhaps Roma toms to put up also.
Oh and Broccoli to harvest.
Perhaps I'll stop by the local mega mart and grab a shopper's flier to read. Dose of economic reality should snap me outta it.
$2.50 per lbs. for Green beans.
51,000 Americans lost their jobs in July.
Gas @ Hess is $4.18 a gallon.
It's time to cut the cheese.
~~ pelenaka ~~
good buys @ a tag sale this week were a dozen & half of wide & reg. canning jars for $3.50
3 100% white cotton sheets sets & 4 sets of pillow cases all pre 1970's for $16.
Last week put up 8 Qt. of Cherry Pie Filling, 16 pt. of Cherries in syrup for ice cream toppings, oatmeal, or yogurt, and Maple syrup ( broke down a gallon jug into jelly jars for long term storage, yes canning can be used but not abused).


  1. Thanks for taking the time to respond to the piece on my blog about the Queen of England "reclaiming" America.

    Your comment further reminded me of a story. I was out shopping with a buddy's wife and their two children, when we ran across a female friend of mine who I had not seen in some time. After she walked away, one of the kids asked me who was the woman, and why she had bad teeth. My response, "She's my British friend."

    Noted in your profile that you like political thrillers. If you have not already seen them, you would love The Manchurian Candidate, both the 1960s version, and the more recent version with Denzell Washington.

  2. Sounds like you have your hands full, but creating a self-sustaining life must be fulfilling on so many levels.

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  3. hi,
    Curious as to how (and why) you would preserve chard.
    It is quite hardy and can survive even under snow.

  4. Thank you both Onno & e for your comments. My apologies for being such a whinner.

    The Chard that nade it into qt. mason jars will eventually become the filling for veggie lasangna (sp?) this Winter.
    Last year what ever Chard & Greens were left in the garden died @ first frost (zone 4/5). Couldn't imagine it living through a Buffalo Winter.

  5. That is a lovely cheese press. I am adding that to the list of things I would like my husband do that for me. I think he is about ready to stick my "honey do" list someplace very uncomfortable.

  6. Oh Stephany, the trick is much to wrap the request in love & reward generiously, very very generiously.


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