Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Broccoli Repeat

Broccoli crop so far is mixed results - on one hand the plants themselves are really looking pretty good, standing about 18" with good Broccoli green color. On the other hand the heads only grew to about the size of Acorn Squash (farmer's market Broccoli was melon sized but not organic) before they started bolting (turning yellow/flowering).
This is a pic of a Broccoli plant that has already been harvested but was left to grow a second set of smaller florets. A repeat.
The first harvest yielded almost 9 cups of florets. So enough for 4 meals.
Retail value estimated @ $4.50. Subtract that from the original $27 paid for seedling planted in this bed. Silent scream in my head for not starting plants from seeds in April!
I'll be starting Broccoli from seed for a fall harvest (cold frame'ng it). Hopefully the bed that the Bun's are making will be ready to accept planting in a few weeks .
On today's chore list is; clean the 2 pints of Black Raspberries ( retail for $10 since their organic) DH & I picked yesterday afternoon from our satellite farm, then freeze. At the end of berry season I'll collect every thing from the freezer & can it all. Also pick all the mature Chard, clean, & freeze. This will also be held until enough is gathered to warrant a pressure canner load full of pint mason jars. It is amazing how produce like Chard & Spinach cook down to a fraction of their size.
Concoct an organic Aphid repellent to spray since all of the Apple Trees are infested.
No Ladybugs in sight. Spotted only a handful of Honeybees, 3 Bumble Bees, numerous Dragon Flies & wasps. Oh and a very inquisitive Blue Jay.
~~ pelenaka ~~


  1. I started my broccoli seeds VERY late, so we'll see if we get any heads! I need to concoct some aphid potion as well since the ants seem to be bringing hords of them onto my cucumbers!

  2. Aphids--On smaller plants I spray with a dishsoap/water mixture late evening and then hose off the plant in the morning. On trees you can use a very hard jet of water from the hose to get them off--both of these have worked really well for me. You could probably use the soapwater mixture on trees as well if they are not huge.

  3. Thank you for taking time to read my blog! I'm glad you found it informative. :-)


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