Thursday, March 27, 2008

Realizing limitations

This is one of my pedigreed Satin Angoras just short of being a year old. Can't tell you which one 'cause I'm so new ( or perhaps lame) that I didn't mark the cage. In any event this is either the Fawn or Red Satin. We had attended our 1st Rabbit show in Syracuse when DH fell in love with this breed dragging me down with him. Yeah that's it, gonna go with that at least until he reads my blog! The idea was that these would be a good dual purpose breed both meat & fiber. I think he thinks I spend way to much $ on yarn.
Well truth be told I have bit off more than I can chew in the rabbit department of our homestead. Future plan is to bring the rabbits down to a buck & two does then breed up for freezer camp.
So if your in my area of Western New York ...
Here is the link for the National Angora Rabbit Breeder's Club


  1. Awww.. they're so cute... but I have enough bunnies. Or do I? No, really, I do have ENOUGH bunnies. Seriously.

  2. I had a rabbit for a pet in 2000/2001 that we rescued from a guy at a flea market who tried to feed him to a snake! Paid him $5 for Bunny, I was absolutely lost for a name as you can tell! I don't know what kind he was, his fur was black, white, and silver and he was beautiful to my way of thinking.
    When I was visiting a friend in TN in Feb.'01 I had to leave him outside in a cage overnight. Although I thought he was well protected from the cold he wasn't! I cried when I realized he was dead. Not again, I'll stick with feeding the cats that hang around our trailer, or at least 3 of them.

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  4. hmm Maybe get a llama for the yarn? :) Not sure how you would handle that on that property of yours though. ;)

  5. Ah well please pass on a link to my blog to anyone who might be interested. Woudl be willing to take items in trade but no Llams unless they bark & I can pass them off for an exotic breed cannine.
    ~~ pelenaka ~~


Thanks, good to know there are other's with this interest