Wednesday, January 23, 2008

No Payment Due

I'm SO mad I could cut my nose off to spite my face. SO mad I could take my axe & chop down the electric pole out in front of my house. SO mad well you get the picture.
Above is our electric bill with what would normally be a nice phrase & round figure to match. No payment due - $0.00.
Proof positive that that being the Wattage Warden pays off. That all the threats followed up by sheer terror works. That pulling plugs on electrical appliances pays off in no phantom current.
Bathing & meals by candlelight leaves change in my pocket. Outdoor garden lights have indoor applications , my ice box has true value ... blah blah blah.
Reason for my anger is that my two previous bills were way over estimated so I ended up with a credit. This bill was based on an actual reading hence the no payment due spiel.
This is why I am mad.
Mad because my power company won't recognize that we don't fit in their estimated graph pool that they base 9 billing periods a year on. Mad because when it is all said & done I have given them a source of cash flow to use without charging them interest.

Reason #2 I'm SO mad is that our actual useage cost $21.48 while the cost of delivery was $36.32.
Upside usage was 319 kWh down from 436kWh last year (34 days).
Wattage Warden powers on.
~~ Pelenaka ~~


  1. Bravo.. I hear you .. yes its a shame about the delivery costing more.. but hay Girl your on the right track..


  2. Thank, just never seems enough.
    ~~ pelenaka ~~


Thanks, good to know there are other's with this interest