Thursday, October 4, 2007

Utilizing child labor opportunties a.k.a. the making of the sauce

Hauled outta bed early on a Saturday to a local upick farm, then made to live like a migrant worker for a few hours, all topped off an endless afternoon of prepping & cranking ...
many hands make light work.
Wait til apple picking (foraging/bartering) season is on.
Ah prego prego prego no ragu ragu ragu.
Try Ball, Kerr, Golden Harvest, American Harvest, Benadin, and Perfect Mason to name a few.
Thank you Becca, & Sam,for the effort you both put forth that day!


  1. What beautiful homesteading pictures! What is the name of that machine you're using to make the tomato pulp? I'd love to find one for myself, but don't know what to look for! LOL.

  2. I found a very similar set-up recently at a thrift store. Mine was made in Italy and includes grinder attachments and pasta extruders. Haven't tried it out yet, but will next season with tomato harvest.

  3. It's called a squeezo or a something that begins with a V.
    This was given to me by an elderly neighbor who's hubby loved to sit out on the picnic table & crank away,lol. Don't buy one new advertise on craig's list, freecycle, or hit up thrift stores as chile scored. - under canning/perserving their version is called a " Best Food Mill".
    Tip - get one of their catalogs so when your out & about antique shopping you can i.d. homesteading tools. Good feeling when you know what that whirligig does!
    ~~ pelenaka ~~


Thanks, good to know there are other's with this interest