Saturday, June 23, 2007

I am truely blessed

Alot of women would be of the mind that receiving a handmade solar dehydrator made from scavenaged parts costing less than a dollar is an insult. Labeled a birthday gift might be considered salt in the wound.
Others like myself see it in this light.
Since we both pool our incomes any money spent even if bought by one is really bought by both. Last thing we both need is to increase my outside the home work load.
Crafting me something that I would truly use, something that eases my burden, that costs nothing to use is well a stoke of genius.
I am loved by a very handy man.
My Dh made this for me out of this & that, scavenged parts & pieces based on my old Ronco dehydrator trays.
Currently there's cantaloupe rinds drying to be used as bunny treats this winter. Later this fall celery will be dehydrated for use in soups & stews.
Roses will become potpourri, green peppers for Puerto Rican Red Rice, and perhaps I'll try making sun dried tomatoes.
Here's a link to his blog writing about my birthday gift
~~ pelenaka ~~
good to be blessed

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